Stripes Group

Size of Company: 11-49 employees

Length of Policy: 11-16 weeks

PRIMARY CAREGIVER LEAVE Full-time salaried employees who have completed at least one year of service with Stripes, are entitled to twelve (12) weeks of paid primary caregiver leave. Primary caregiver leave is for full-time employees who add children to their families by birth, adoption, foster care or guardian care, and are considered to be the primary caregiver. Under this policy an employee will receive an amount equal to 100% of his or her salary while out on leave. The benefit amount that Stripes will pay the employee under this policy will be combined payment from Stripes and any disability policies obtained through Stripes. Employees are required to inform their managers as soon as possible of their intent to take primary caregiver leave and of their anticipated leave dates. Nevertheless, employees are required to provide their managers with at least thirty (30) calendar days advance notice of primary caregiver leave. Stripes does understand that certain extraordinary circumstances dictate shorter advance notification and will consider such situations on a case-by-case basis. After you have provided your manager with the aforementioned notice, you are required to let your manager know as soon as possible of the exact date on which you expect to begin your leave. The primary caregiver is the person at home who cares for the child. Only one parent (or guardian) can be the primary caregiver at a given time, but either parents (or guardians) can serve as the primary caregiver at different times. You are the primary caregiver if: • You are the person who cares for the child immediately following the child’s birth, adoption, foster placement, or guardian placement; • You assume the role of the primary caregiver after your spouse or partner has been the primary caregiver and returned to work; or • You are the spouse or partner of a mother who has a complicated postnatal pregnancy and is unable to care for the child. Primary caregivers may be eligible for additional partially-paid leave under the New York Paid Family Leave (see below).