Don't Panic Management

Size of Company: 1-10 employees

Length of Policy: 4-6 weeks

Don’t Panic will provide 240 hours (equivalent to 6 weeks) of paid parental leave to full-time personnel who have been employees of the company for at least one calendar year at the time leave begins. In addition to the fully paid leave time above, we plan to make accommodations for an additional 260 hours (equivalent to 6.5 weeks) of unpaid parental leave for full-time employees, allowing for up to 500 hours (equivalent to 12.5 weeks) total of parental leave. If the employee would like to work additional client hours in advance of leave and withhold pay to “earn” these additional hours as paid time, that is allowed. Hours-Based Model We offer up to 500 hours of parental leave for full-time employees working 40 hours per week. As a few examples, that could look like: -12.5 weeks off, return to work at a full schedule -8 weeks off, return to work half days only for an additional 9 weeks -10 weeks off, return to work 3 full days per week for an additional 6 weeks -6 weeks off, return to work at 4-day schedule, taking Fridays off for an additional 32 weeks We believe this policy allows each employee to create the best schedule for his or her family’s unique circumstances and preferences. Company Holidays Because our hours-based policy is based on hours that would have otherwise been spent working, official DPM holidays are not included in the total hours of paid or unpaid leave. If an employee’s leave falls over one or several official DPM holidays, those days do not count against the hours and can be added to the end of the parental leave.