Compton Construction

Size of Company: 11-49 employees

Length of Policy: 4-6 weeks

Compton Construction will not discriminate against any employee who requests an excused absence for medical disabilities associated with pregnancy. Requests for time off associated with pregnancy, adoption and/or childbirth, such as bonding and child care, not related to medical disabilities for those conditions will be considered in the same manner as other requests for unpaid medical leave (please see the medical leave section). Compton Construction offers 4 weeks paid parental leave for all salaried full time employees (RFT). Compton will allow up to 4 weeks’ unpaid leave to all full-time non-salaried employees (RFT). Special consideration for additional time off may be granted on a case by case basis, and is at the discretion of the CEO. The time off request must be submitted to a supervisor and approved, 60 days prior to the time off requested.